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Promo Video Production

Our promo video production services include services from idea generation to shooting, post-production, and marketing. Contact us for a quote today!

Video is King.

It’s no secret that in today’s digital world, videos are the best way to market your business. There are thousands of businesses in Ireland trying to target the same people your business is, so how do you plan to differentiate yourself? Promo videos can be an excellent option for the same.

Promotional videos focus on the benefits of your products and services and we can produce videos in various formats to suit your business. Let it be an interview video, spokesperson video or video of your office/facility, we can help you have the perfect video to promote your business.

Our team will plan, script, organise, shoot, edit and deliver your video, providing you complete convenience and professional management.

Why choose Lava?

We combine years of experience with modern marketing to provide unbeatable value.

Whatever you are planning, we have probably done it before.
Quality is our job one. Since the day we get started to the day we deliver the video, you'll see supreme quality everywhere.
Our team will work as a part of your team to get everything done fast and right.
25+ Video Projects Completed
15+ Hours of Video
85000 Video Views
3 Years of Experience

Let's get started on your promotional video project.

Contact us today to talk to our team and explore what we can do for you. Questions are always welcome!

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